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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you send me photos of my completed bear?
A: Yes, I will email you photos unless you would prefer a surprise! Please let me know.

Q: Will you share photos of my bear on Social media?
Yes, please let me know if you DO NOT wish for me to share your bear on my website and social media.

Q: How will I be contacted?
A: Please provide an active email address so I can get in touch if any questions arise regarding your order.

Q: How do I order a bear?
A: Please see our How to Order Page.

Q: Do you accept orders from outside the U.K.?
A: Yes! I am willing to post worldwide as long as the customer is aware of, understands and is willing to cover all import and export and customs fees for clothing arriving to me, and bears arriving back in destination country.
(This can be costly!)
End customer is responsible for ALL fees!

Q: What is the best type of clothing to send?
A: Shirts, thin knitwear, baby grows, T-shirts, blouses, skirts, jackets, blazers, scarves, fleeces, dressing gowns, pyjamas. Of course, the absolute best clothing items to send are those that hold the happiest memories of your loved ones!
Please see the next question for items that are NOT suitable.

Q: Are there some clothing items that are unsuitable?
A: I am unable to accept: very chunky knitwear, underwear, very sheer fabrics, shoes, pvc.
Please ensure clothing is clean and not stained with any bodily fluids such as blood or urine etc.
I am unwilling to accept clothing that has an unpleasant odour (eg cigarette smoke).
Any fabrics that arrive dirty or smelling badly will regrettably be returned to sender at their own expense.

Q: How many clothing items will you need?
A: At least one large sized, long sleeved item of clothing per 18" bear and two for a 22" bear.
If you would like a baby clothes memory bear then at least 10-12 new-born sized items, and slightly less as the size of the clothes increases.
Bears generally look their best when using several items of clothing but it is possible to make a bear with just one.

Q: Do you offer discounts for multiple bears in an order?
A: Unfortunately not. My bears are made to a very high standard using only premium materials (flame retardant super soft stuffing, linings, eyes and noses etc.) and take such a long time to plan and create that I am unable to offer any form of discount.

Q: Do you make any accessories?
A: Your bear can have a little stuffed heart inside a pocket, a scarf or a collar and tie. The price of a bear includes one accessory of your choice.

More information can be found on our Prices Page

Q: How long will it take you to make my bear?
A: Turnaround can vary depending on workload and time of year. As a guide bears are generally completed within 2-3 weeks. Please email me and ask if you require your bear for a certain date before ordering to check availability.

At present there may be delays within the postal system due to Coronavirus.
I also quarantine all clothing parcels for one week before opening.

Q: Can you add my loved one's ashes to my bear?
A: Yes absolutely!
Please send ashes by special delivery for peace of mind. All bears containing ashes will be returned by special delivery at the current Royal Mail price. Please ask for details.
Ashes should be posted in a small quantity (less than 5 grams) inside a small, well-sealed container that can go inside your bear.

Q: Is it possible to return any leftover clothing to me?
A: Of course! If you would like any offcuts or unused fabric returning, please let me know.
Small quantities of fabric can be returned inside the bear parcel, however larger amounts will need to be returned in a separate parcel.
Additional parcels, if required, will be charged at the current Royal Mail rate.

Q: Which style of bear should I choose?
A: The Classic bear is non-jointed and more suited to children although very popular with all ages!
It can be made in two different sizes - 18" or 22" tall from head to toe.
The 22" bears are not only taller but larger in all dimensions.

Another popular option is my jointed bear.
I spent a long time trying to locate the perfect jointed bear pattern and finally succeeded.
These bears have moveable arms and legs and are approximately 18" from head to toe.

The third option is my mohair memory bear. These bears are approximately 21" from head to toe and are fully jointed including the head.
I use Premium mohair (Steiff and Helmbold) to make them, and they really are beautiful keepsakes.

Click here to see examples: Gallery

Q: How do you stabilise fabrics?
A: All fabrics are lined appropriately to ensure that your bear stays perfectly in shape.
I have a specific method for this, and unlike most other memory bear makers I do not use interfacing and as a result Second Star Bears are soft and cuddly!

Q: I only have one small item of clothing; can you still make me a bear?
A: Yes. I have access to thousands of different fabrics that can be sourced at a small cost to compliment your existing clothing. Please contact me via email for this service.

Q: Can I have input into my bears design?
A: Of course! I am more than happy to work with customer input/ideas for bears.
I will always ask if there are any specifics although I'm happy to freestyle if you would prefer!

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